How to Play

It’s pretty straightforward — we’ve got plenty of multi-colored wiffle golf balls (sorry, no real balls man). We’ve got plenty of wedges on hand, but we recommend bringing your own (no whining about not having your clubs). You can play alone or with others. Simply count out 18 balls and hit away from the far corner of the rooftop. Once you’ve tallied your score, you can update any new personal best directly on the leaderboard and see who you’ll potentially be playing in the final “sweet sixteen” pairings. Of course, that can change daily, so check back periodically to make sure you’re above the Fedex Cup-style cut line. If you fall below, stop by Kinetic anytime to get back in the money.


  • For every shot that comes to rest on the green + 1 point
  • If your ball bounces off any part of the roof or railing and stops on the green + 2 points
  • If you hole out any of your shots + 3 points
  • If you hook your shot onto Morris Avenue or slice it into the parking lot behind Kinetic - 2 points
  • If you can sink a ball down the gutter and it comes to rest on the green + 4 points
  • If it goes in the hole down the gutter + 5 points
  • The final 18th shot is the "Money Ball". This shot has the potential to be a 10 point swing if you can sink it down the gutter and into the cup! Points are Doubled

Rare Situations

If the shooter and fellow players cannot agree whether the shot hit the roof or railing before landing on the green, the player can hit again or keep the lesser points.

If the shooter’s ball goes off the roof and into the hole, it is still only 3 points — the points do not compound.

Roofie Shot

Watch a video of a classic “roofie.”Download the green map.