The Kinetic Cup

  • Qualifying Rounds
  • 16 Finalists Locked Down
    END OF SEPT. 2019
  • The Final Shootout
    OCT. 3, 2019
  • Champion Crowned
    OCT. 3, 2019

The 2018 rooftop shootout is over! [golf clap]

Jeremy Flint has taken the 2018 title, after some dramatic impressively-played rounds by the field (well, maybe excepting our #1 seed, Joey Paganelli). We also raised over $6,500 for charity this year.

As fans of the Cup know, the rooftop is now open for 2019 qualifying scores. The top 16 finalists over the course of the next year will play in next year’s tournament on October 3, 2019 from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Although not yet confirmed, it’s expected that Michael Eady and Michael McGreevey from Knight Eady will be offering their comedic color commentary next year. In addition to the trophy and admission to the illustrious hall of past Kinetic Cup winners, this year’s winner will receive a two night stay and round of golf at Ross Bridge, here in Birmingham. Sincerest thanks to all our sponsors.

100% of contributions will go to our CHARGE Syndrome Foundation fundraiser.

See you on the rooftop!

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Fine Print Player Details: Leaderboard rank is determined by score and date of score entry, with the earlier date having more weight than the later date. Final tournament qualifiers will be the top sixteen finalists (including ties) at the end of September each year. On tournament day, qualifiers are welcome to warm up as much as they like on or before 3 pm. During the final shootout, players will be allowed an optional five (5) ball warm-up before each match-up. The higher ranked player is allowed to choose their shooting position.The lower ranked player will shoot first. Round of 16 matches will consist of 1 18-ball match. Beginning with the round of 8 matches, we will move to a “best of 3” 18-ball round scoring system. Players will alternate playing positions during the “best of 3” rounds. The evolving bracket and the individual match-up scores will be featured on screens throughout the office during the tournament. Lastly, our fine-print-lovin’ lawyers wanted to remind you that, by participating in this tournament, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Kinetic from and against any and all losses, expenses, and damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees, that arise from your participation as a player and/or spectator. So, if you’re prone to golfer’s elbow, play at your own risk! 🙂