After another perfect weather 2017 shootout, qualifying rounds for the 2018 Kinetic Rooftop Golf Tournament are in full swing until September 30, 2018. Yes, we know it is still 2017, but we like to get things started early! Clients, vendors, partners, referrers, and friends of Kinetic are all invited to participate in impromptu golf shootouts underway now. The leaderboard below will be updated throughout the competition with participants’ high scores — fill out the form below if you’ve notched a new high score. On October 4, 2018, a final shootout will be held between the top 16 players, ending with the hoisting of the 2018 Kinetic Cup. Come join the action!

Full List of 2018 Individual Qualifying High Scores

Rank Name Score Date
1Joey Paganelli2110/27/2017
2David Green (stats)1803/15/2018
3Robert Drumm (stats)1610/27/2017
4Hunter Finch (stats)1503/15/2018
5Mark Wingate (stats)1410/27/2017
6Jeremy Flint (stats)1410/31/2017
7Tommy Mayfield1402/19/2018
8Jay Brandrup1310/27/2017
9Alex Perkins1310/27/2017
10Daniel Smith (stats)1310/27/2017
11Colt Byrom1202/19/2018
12Fred McGill1002/19/2018
13Ben wieseman903/15/2018
14Drew Jackson802/19/2018
15Daniel Rives711/07/2017
16Eric Brown711/09/2017
Cut LineCut LineCut Line
17David Lormor702/19/2018

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Early Stage 2018 Bracket

  • 1
    Joey Paganelli
  • 16
    Eric Brown
  • 8
    Jay Brandrup
  • 9
    Daniel Smith
  • 4
    Hunter Finch
  • 13
    Ben wieseman
  • 5
    Mark Wingate
  • 12
    Fred McGill
    The Kinetic Cup
  • 2
    David Green
  • 15
    Daniel Rives
  • 7
    Tommy Mayfield
  • 10
    Alex Perkins
  • 3
    Robert Drumm
  • 14
    Drew Jackson
  • 6
    Jeremy Flint
  • 11
    Colt Byrom