After another perfect weather 2022 shootout, qualifying rounds for the 2023 Kinetic Rooftop Golf Tournament are in full swing until September 30, 2023. Clients, vendors, partners, referrers, and friends of Kinetic are all invited to participate in impromptu (sometimes daily) golf shootouts underway now. The leaderboard below will be updated throughout the competition with participants’ high scores — fill out the form below if you’ve notched a new high score. On October 12, 2023, final shootout will be held between the top 16 players, ending with the hoisting of the 2023 Kinetic Cup. Come join the action!

2023 Individual Qualifying High Scores

Rank Name Score Date
1Conner Estes2507/27/2023
2Ford Clegg2108/29/2023
3Ken Price 🏌️2010/24/2022
4Bebo Fitzpatrick 🏌️2009/12/2023
5Lindy Jack Smith1808/08/2023
6James Thomson 🏌️1809/21/2023
7Greg Echols 🏌️1706/09/2023
8Robert Record1708/13/2023
9Chuck Redden1709/22/2023
10Fletcher Finch 🏌️1610/13/2022
11Marc Chitty1610/24/2022
12Crawford Romanowski1606/08/2023
13Patrick Sullivan1607/20/2023
14Tom Lamkin 🏌️1510/10/2022
15Daniel Smith 🏌️1509/21/2023
16Greg Wales1509/21/2023
Cut LineCut LineCut Line
17Michael Thomas1410/14/2022
18Will Hardison 🏌️1410/23/2022
19Will Scroggins1403/03/2023
20JP Francavilla1405/10/2023
21John Kidd1409/08/2023
22Brad Blair1310/03/2022
23Tony Scallon1304/03/2023
24Gabe Tucker1309/01/2023
25Griffin Lamkin 🏌️1210/10/2022
26Sam Clement1203/27/2023
27Grayson Gladden1205/10/2023
28Chase Hazlewood1206/08/2023
29Griffin Race1207/29/2023
30Bishop Escue1208/31/2023
31Lloyd Escue1208/31/2023
32Ryan Weiss 🏌️1110/03/2022
33Hunter Finch 🏌️1110/14/2022
34Owen Anderson1107/05/2023
35Clayton Humphries1107/18/2023
36Elise Lamkin1010/10/2022
37Jake Haston1010/23/2022
38Eric Brown1012/09/2022
39Zachary Taylor1001/04/2023
40Tom Nelson1004/03/2023
41Jim Stewart1006/09/2023
42Ben Henderson1007/30/2023
43Dan Price1008/13/2023
44Billy Pritchard1008/15/2023
45Sam Lawson1009/08/2023
46Brandon Bosco910/07/2022
47Kris Broadhead910/07/2022
48Drew Thomas910/18/2022
49Draper Watson910/23/2022
50Luke Turner810/24/2022
51Josh Fredrickson810/24/2022
52Sam Russell801/06/2023
53Kaitlin Maynard801/06/2023
54Charlie Davis802/07/2023
55Griffin O’Neal807/29/2023
56Carter Musick710/07/2022
57John David Mathews710/23/2022
58Reilly Elrod701/06/2023
59Manning Russell709/01/2023
60Scooter Thomas709/07/2023
61Ransom Creech709/08/2023
62Tucker Sprayberry610/23/2022
63Kari Moretz601/04/2023
64Cliff Nail603/27/2023
65Patrick Robinson 🏌️604/03/2023
66Duane Donner608/15/2023
67David Kirby510/18/2022
68Jesse Scroggins503/03/2023
69Sam George508/07/2023
70Jake Darling410/23/2022
71Madison Head401/07/2023
72Aaron Sherrill402/28/2023
73Jonathan Murphy409/01/2023

🏌️ = Denotes past Kinetic Cup qualifier

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