Relive the 2015 Cup

  • Qualifying Rounds
    Throughout 2015
  • 16 Finalists Locked Down
    Oct. 27, 2015 @ 6:00 PM
  • The Final Shootout
    Oct. 29, 2015 @ 3:00 PM
  • Champion Crowned
    Oct. 29, 2015

The inaugural Kinetic Rooftop Golf Shootout is in the books! Clients, vendors, partners, referrers, and friends of Kinetic were all invited to participate in impromptu golf shootouts. The leaderboard below was updated throughout the competition with participants’ high scores. On Oct. 29, 2015, a final shootout was held between the top 16 players, ending with the hoisting of the 2015 Kinetic Cup by Jeremy Morris.

Final 2015 Results

Champion: Jeremy Morris

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2015 Photo Gallery

Full List of 2015 Individual Qualifying High Scores

Rank Name Score Date
1Jay Brandrup2209/14/2015
2Nick Goudreau 🏌️2111/13/2014
3David Malone 🏌️1709/23/2015
4Michael Manakides 🏌️1710/06/2015
5Hunter Strickler 🏌️1710/15/2015
6Hunter Finch 🏌️1710/20/2015
7Jeremy Flint 🏌️1607/06/2015
8David Green 🏌️1506/23/2015
9Carol Steinert 🏌️1508/20/2015
10Sam Scalisi1405/11/2015
11Graham Norwood1405/20/2015
12Mike Gibson1410/08/2015
13Chris Nix 🏌️1410/08/2015
14Jeremy McDermott 🏌️1410/08/2015
15Hunter Bridwell 🏌️1410/08/2015
16Brent Nast 🏌️1410/23/2015
Cut LineCut LineCut Line
17Patrick Robinson 🏌️1310/08/2015
18Raines Weldon1310/08/2015
19John Brandt 🏌️1310/08/2015
20Frankie Cambre 🏌️1310/12/2015
21Kurt Sasser1207/09/2015
22Joey Paganelli 🏌️1209/23/2015
23Jeff Talley1210/12/2015
24Eric Kelly1210/20/2015
25Mark Brown1105/14/2015
26Tim Hennessy1109/14/2015
27Nick Gardner1009/30/2015
28Brent Nash1010/23/2015
29Josh Petty905/29/2015
30Joseph Boehm906/12/2015
31Beth Uhlman908/20/2015
32Gil Ferguson909/14/2015
33Brett Taylor910/07/2015
34Shella Sylla910/23/2015
35Lee Johnsey 🏌️810/23/2015
36Aaron Brennan705/13/2015
37Anthony Oni706/02/2015
38Ollie Newton706/16/2015
39Louis Nequette706/23/2015
40Kyle Sigman707/06/2015
41David Forrestall607/16/2015
42Andy Turner607/28/2015
43Daphne Dickinson610/01/2015
44Ryan Davis610/14/2015
45Will Bryant610/23/2015
46Steve Ceulemans505/14/2015
47Santosh Keshavan505/18/2015
48Landon Acriche506/02/2015
49Walker Byrd507/09/2015
50Tiffany Dunlap509/04/2015
51Scott Young509/14/2015
52Derek Meek510/21/2015
53Kyndle Huey406/03/2015
54Eddie Seay407/09/2015
55Guillaume Slama410/07/2015
56Michael Eady410/08/2015
57Peyton Hanson305/20/2015
58Donnell Cole Price305/29/2015
59Stephen Atwood306/01/2015
60Paul DeMarco306/11/2015
61Scott Erb310/14/2015
62Lauren Bailey205/13/2015
63William Clifton210/08/2015

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