The 2020 Kinetic Cup

Great news! Qualifying rounds for the 2020 Kinetic Rooftop Golf Tournament are now locked down. Socially-distanced playoffs for the top 16 finalists are being held over the next few weeks, ending with the hoisting of the Kinetic Cup later in October!

2020 Final Bracket

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2020 Individual Qualifying High Scores

Rank Name Score Date
1Fletcher Finch (stats)2009/30/2020
2Smylie Kaufman (stats)1907/06/2020
3Michael Orme (stats)1908/19/2020
4Mike Dunphy (stats)1806/09/2020
5Hunter Bridwell (stats)1809/29/2020
6Bebo Fitzpatrick (stats)1809/30/2020
7Hunter Strickler (stats)1706/10/2020
8Lee Johnsey (stats)1708/26/2020
9Will Fitzpatrick (stats)1709/23/2020
10Tom Lamkin (stats)1709/28/2020
11Sandner Hennessy (stats)1709/28/2020
12Jay Weinacker (stats)1709/28/2020
13Ryan Weiss (stats)1709/28/2020
14Austin Whitt (stats)1709/30/2020
15David Knight (stats)1709/30/2020
16Hunter Finch (stats)1709/30/2020
Cut LineCut LineCut Line
17Floyd Larkin1611/06/2019
18Will Hardison1609/29/2020
19Joe Leak1506/17/2020
20T. J. Fincher1410/11/2019
21David Malone (stats)1408/10/2020
22Ryan Brown1409/21/2020
23Ralph Procter1310/04/2019
24Drew Jackson (stats)1301/30/2020
25Part Willings1308/21/2020
26Joe Hirsch1308/21/2020
27Praz Patcha1309/29/2020
28Tommy Glanton1309/29/2020
29John Smola1210/11/2019
30Albert Finch (stats)1206/18/2020
31Steve Brown1110/17/2019
32James Noles1111/05/2019
33Drew Thomas1111/22/2019
34Mike Douglas1106/17/2020
35Jonathan Murphy1108/11/2020
36Joe Davidson1109/18/2020
37Jeremy Flint (stats)1010/10/2019
38Gordon Walden910/04/2019
39Joel Claypool906/09/2020
40Randall Cottrell908/24/2020
41Collin Pettell909/24/2020
42Nick Gibietis810/04/2019
43Tim Hennessy, Jr.810/17/2019
44Jeff Nix803/09/2020
45Mac Johnsey804/23/2020
46Trent Kocurek806/18/2020
47Kevin Cook809/30/2020
48Frank Bromberg711/06/2019
49Jamia Ellison502/10/2020
50Rob Ginter509/30/2020
51Chris McCauley308/11/2020

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