Relive the 2018 Cup

  • Qualifying Rounds
    Throughout 2018
  • 16 Finalists Locked Down
    THROUGH SEPT. 28, 2018
  • The Final Shootout
    OCT. 4, 2018
  • Champion Crowned
    OCT. 4, 2018

The 4th Annual Kinetic Rooftop Golf Shootout is in the books! Once again, we had beautiful weather for the final tournament on Oct. 4, 2018. The bracket below and a onsite shot-by-shot leaderboard was updated throughout the competition. The always-hilarious Michael Eady and Michael McGreevey rocked the emcee mics and provided some spirited color commentary. Ultimately, Jeremy Flint hoisted the 2018 Kinetic Cup, we raised over $7,000 for CHARGE Syndrome, and a good time was had by all. Thank you to all of our amazing 2018 sponsors who helped make this year’s fundraising for the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation a huge success!

Explore the bracket below by selecting the players for a shot-by-shot look at each match.

2018 Final Bracket

Champion: Jeremy Flint

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Full List of 2018 Individual Qualifying High Scores

Rank Name Score Date
1Joey Paganelli 🏌️2110/27/2017
2Jay Brandrup2009/06/2018
3Virginia Powell 🏌️2009/28/2018
4Hunter Finch 🏌️1904/27/2018
5David Knight 🏌️1909/28/2018
6David Green 🏌️1803/15/2018
7John Brandt 🏌️1809/21/2018
8Jeremy Flint 🏌️1706/01/2018
9Murphy McMillan1709/06/2018
10Greg Echols 🏌️1709/24/2018
11Ryan Weiss 🏌️1709/25/2018
12Daniel Smith 🏌️1709/25/2018
13Robert Drumm 🏌️1610/27/2017
14Charlie Norton 🏌️1609/05/2018
15Hunter Bridwell 🏌️1609/18/2018
16Dave Gray 🏌️1609/21/2018
Cut LineCut LineCut Line
17John Mark Rives1609/21/2018
18Ben Studstill1609/25/2018
19Watson Donald 🏌️1609/28/2018
20Justin Stradley 🏌️1609/28/2018
21David Hobbs1509/26/2015
22Greg Jenkins 🏌️1508/16/2018
23Tim Hennessy1509/13/2018
24Hunter Strickler 🏌️1509/18/2018
25David Malone 🏌️1509/24/2018
26Mark Wingate 🏌️1509/27/2018
27Tommy Mayfield1402/19/2018
28Colt Byrom1404/20/2018
29Eric Brown1408/31/2018
30Thomas Kurian1409/27/2018
31Bud Miller1409/28/2018
32Alex Perkins 🏌️1310/27/2017
33Nathan Collums1309/21/2018
34Austin Whitt 🏌️1309/21/2018
35Stephen Boehme1309/27/2018
36Liz Johnson1209/27/2018
37Ben Leach 🏌️1209/28/2018
38Dan Price1105/05/2018
39Andy Beckman1105/09/2018
40Will Choat 🏌️1108/16/2018
41Bayless Ydel1109/18/2018
42Fred McGill1002/19/2018
43Wells Finch1004/27/2018
44Gregory Jones1008/16/2018
45Patrick Robinson 🏌️1008/31/2018
46Sam Haskell1009/07/2018
47Dylan Scroggins1009/21/2018
48Billy Borland1009/28/2018
49Ben Wieseman903/15/2018
50Wesley Wheeler906/10/2018
51Darrell Tucker II909/14/2018
52Trey Merrill909/21/2018
53Drew Jackson 🏌️802/19/2018
54Fletcher Finch 🏌️804/27/2018
55Mike Levering 🏌️805/05/2018
56Craig Hill809/21/2018
57Walt Mason809/27/2018
58Daniel Rives711/07/2017
59David Lormor702/19/2018
60Drew Deaton709/10/2018
61Mike Brown709/11/2018
62Gordon Walden709/13/2018
63Cody Franklin709/27/2018
64David Davis609/21/2018
65Whitney Wright509/26/2018
66Dave Branch509/27/2018
67Savannah Holt509/27/2018
68Mark Richenderfer409/21/2018
69Weston Markwell409/27/2018
70Carolyn Turner309/10/2018
71Rob Echols205/05/2018
72Dan Fritts209/27/2018

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