Relive the 2017 Cup

  • Qualifying Rounds
    Throughout 2017
  • 16 Finalists Locked Down
    THROUGH SEPT. 29, 2017
  • The Final Shootout
    OCT. 5, 2017
  • Champion Crowned
    OCT. 5, 2017

After another perfect weather 2017 shootout, Jeremy Morris took home the trophy. Explore the bracket below for a shot-by-shot look at each match.

2017 Final Bracket

Champion: Jeremy Morris

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Full List of 2017 Individual Qualifying High Scores

Rank Name Score Date
1Jacob Bell2206/09/2017
2Charlie Norton 🏌️2107/13/2017
3Jody Sobczak 🏌️2004/09/2017
4Eddie Tarter 🏌️1803/16/2017
5Jay Brandrup1807/08/2017
6Ford Clegg 🏌️1703/23/2017
7Ben Leach 🏌️1706/02/2017
8David Malone 🏌️1706/05/2017
9Mike Levering 🏌️1707/08/2017
10David Knight 🏌️1708/11/2017
11Greg Echols 🏌️1709/18/2017
12Albert Finch 🏌️1709/29/2017
13Hunter Finch 🏌️1608/28/2017
14Ryan Weiss 🏌️1609/14/2017
15Mark Wingate 🏌️1609/20/2017
16Lance Bowlin 🏌️1609/21/2017
Cut LineCut LineCut Line
17Greg Jenkins 🏌️1609/27/2017
18Daniel Smith 🏌️1609/29/2017
19David Green 🏌️1503/16/2017
20Robert Drumm 🏌️1508/09/2017
21Jeremy Flint 🏌️1509/26/2017
22John McElrath 🏌️1509/27/2017
23Jason McLaughlin1411/02/2016
24Jeff Hendry1403/02/2017
25Joe Baugh1403/16/2017
26Mike Kemp1404/26/2017
27Forrest Satterfield1409/15/2017
28Jimmy Brady1303/16/2017
29Fred Blackmon1303/16/2017
30Imani Crochen1303/24/2017
31Keith Odom1304/21/2017
32Joey Paganelli 🏌️1305/10/2017
33Eric Brown1305/25/2017
34Rick Davis1307/12/2017
35Tom Lamkin 🏌️1203/02/2017
36Andrew Loveman1207/13/2017
37Whit Bird1207/13/2017
38Antoine Bell 🏌️1209/15/2017
39Dan Singley1104/04/2017
40John Goldasich1109/15/2017
41Nick Gibietis1004/04/2017
42Chuck Kramer1006/02/2017
43Brad Avery1007/13/2017
44Walter McArdle1007/13/2017
45Thomas Williams1007/13/2017
46Craig Hill1009/15/2017
47Bebo Fitzpatrick 🏌️1009/19/2017
48Nick Gardner1009/27/2017
49Brett Boner910/21/2016
50Rob Walker910/31/2016
51Billy Borland903/16/2017
52Daniel Murray907/13/2017
53Mallory Lovell907/13/2017
54Richard Baugh908/09/2017
55Marshall Lyles810/18/2016
56Holt Rast807/13/2017
57Chris Nix 🏌️809/15/2017
58David King702/24/2017
59Daniel Samford704/04/2017
60Mark Blackerby704/08/2017
61Jonathan Ahern603/17/2017
62Alex Beason607/13/2017
63Joe Meads607/13/2017
64Caleb Redmond609/23/2017
65Kane Agan507/06/2017
66Matt Schweiker508/11/2017
67Patrick Robinson 🏌️508/31/2017
68Holly Higginbotham405/09/2017
69Cameron McCormack407/06/2017
70Britton Eveland409/20/2017

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